The manipulation of XML documents being at the basis of services related to group management, the combination of the XDMS and the Network Address Book opens a wide range of possibilities in the domain of enhanced contact information. It allows end-users to have a centralized placeholder for their address book which is synchronized with their devices and interfaced with a wide range of communication services (e.g. Presence, Instant Messaging).

Designed as a framework

The XDMS as developed by Voxmobili has been designed as a framework and hence can be adapted to fulfill the need of any new service. Examples of services which benefit from XDM technology are:

  • OMA Presence (for management of buddy lists, subscription authorization rules, etc.)
  • OMA SIMPLE IM (for management of contact list, conversation history)
  • Rich Communication Suite (for management of white lists, black lists, etc.)

With the emergence of new services relying on XDM technology, Voxmobili can provide the XDM components and integration support.

Standard protocols and interfaces

A NAB XDMS is in-line with the OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) XDM 1.1 specifications and is hence interoperable with standardized services. Voxmobili XDMS comes with the support of:

  • XCAP interface for manipulation of service-related data, stored as XML documents. The XCAP interface allows third party services to access and manipulate XML documents. This includes storage, retrieval, modification, creation, deletion, copy of documents stored in XDMS.
  • SIP interface for notification of changes in the XML documents stored in XDMS.


The NAB XDMS bundle: A centralized persistent repository

A service provider which decides to deploy a set of XDM Servers independently from its network address book would need to maintain two different sets of repository related to personal information. The Voxmobili NAB XDMS bundle solution copes with this issue by providing a single centralized repository, simplifying the maintenance and the administration.

Interworking with Presence

In addition to Shared XDMS, the Voxmobili solution integrates Presence specific XDM components such as Presence XDMS (management of Subscription Authorization Rules and Presence Content Rules), RLS XDMS (management of Presence Lists), Hard State XDMS (management of PIDF information) and a Content Server (storage of users’ icons).


Sample use cases

  • Manage any type of XML document via XCAP.
  • Manage subscription authorization rules.
  • Manage presence content rules.
  • Allow any application server to subscribe to changes occurring on XML repositories.

Supported interfaces

Voxmobili XDMS supports the interfaces defined in OMA XDM:

  • XCAP for XML document management
  • SIP for notifying Application Servers