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With the increasing activity on social networks, all around the world, My Social Home gives mobile service providers multiple opportunities to turn the social networking trend into a significant revenue stream.
Due to the arrival of multiple social networking platforms in recent years, users often find themselves with contacts and friends spread across multiple social networks. In such a scenario, there is a need for a tool which enables users to interact with these friends and contacts via a single interface.

Aggregated data from a single page

My Social Home is a solution that allows end-users to update all their social networks in one go, such as; adding a comment, updating their status, uploading a profile picture, photo & or video, etc.
End-users can view all the activities which take place on multiple social networks on a single interface. A tagging system is in place so that the end-user can identify which Social Network the update comes from.

User-friendly interface

End-users can easily manage their contacts’ status by sorting them according to date, contact and/or network. They can also filter the status in relation to the social network.
My Social Home comes with fully customizable interface and relies on Voxmobili Social Network Gateway .

Multiple platforms supported

My Social Home enables end-users to employ this service on a range of platforms (SMS, WAP, WEB). All the channels are interoperable, for example, end-users can receive comments via SMS on a photo they uploaded on one of their social networks via the WEB. They also have the choice to reply to the comment via SMS, via WAP - whichever is the most convenient option for them to use at that moment in time.

Significant revenue generated

All this end-user activity generates a significant amount of messaging and/or GPRS revenues for the mobile operator. Certain features of the service can also be provided as a premium feature, enabling the service provider to charge monthly fees - thus opening other possible revenue streams.

Sample use cases

  • Post status to multiple social networks from a single interface
  • Upload photos & videos to multiple social networks from a single interface
  • Aggregated view of buddies’ activity throughout a selection of social networks
  • Multiple interfaces offered
  • SMS notifications

Supported interfaces


Supported Social Networks