Social Address Book

All contact in one list

Nowadays, end-users find that their contacts are spread across several domains; their mobile phone, email, instant messaging, Webmail and Social Networks. The Social Address Book solution developed by Voxmobili allows end-users to manage all their contacts in one place and synchronize them across multiple accesses, devices and services.

A Socialized Address Book

Social Address Book provides a discovery mechanism to link end-users with each other, thus allowing them to share information. End-users can manage a profile including personal details (picture, Email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, etc.) and share it with selected contacts. They can also choose to publish presence information and moods.

Privacy management

Not everyone likes to share personal details with just anybody. With Social Address Book end-users define the amount of information they share with selected contacts. They determine their own level of privacy.

contact view

Open to third parties and social networks

Social Address Book is tightly interconnected with popular web services, end-users can therefore connect to their Webmail (Gmail, Yahoo) and Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter) in order to import buddies, retrieve feeds, publish their status etc. It allows mobile operators to be back at the center of their subscribers’ digital life.

Unified activity

End-users have access to all communication events in a unified and threaded view, including call logs, exchanged messages, status updates from Social Networks, changes to contact’s profiles, multimedia publications, and so on.



By taking advantage of XMPP, Social Address Book has embedded a chat and presence module. Linked end-users can therefore see the list of available contacts and experience real-time discussion via the web portal.

Dynamic groups

Contacts can be automatically grouped by criteria and presented in convenient lists in a dedicated section. Voxmobili proposes several groups such as the most called, the linked contacts, contacts nearby and Social Network contacts (e.g. Facebook Friends).

A Core Enabler

Social Address Book is one of the most important converged service enablers. It touches all other communication and messaging services to improve user experience and boost usage. Provided with a full set of APIs, it can be integrated with external applications such as Billing, O&M and Messaging frameworks.

Highly scalable solution

With several multi-million deployments and a hosted platform that boasts tens of millions of end-users, Voxmobili has the most deployed Network Address Book solution on the market. Over 25 mobile operators have selected Voxmobili, including Orange, T-Mobile, Turkcell and more. With its proven scalability, high-availability and flexibility it is the best choice for building innovative convergent services.

Sample use cases

  • Manage all contacts in a single list
  • Import and link contact from Webmails and Social Networks
  • Manage groups of contacts
  • Synchronize contacts accross all devices
  • Share your profile and manage your privacy
  • Update your status to a specific group of contacts.

Supported clients and devices

The Social Address Book allows contacts synchronization for a wide range of devices:

Native SyncML clients

- OMA DS 1.2
- OMA DS 1.1.2
- OMA DS 1.1.1
- OMA DS 1.0.1

Open OS clients
Windows Mobile
Nokia S60

Supported interfaces

  • OMA DS SyncML to synchronize mobile handsets as well as PIM desktop applications such as Outlook and Outlook Express
  • Lightweight HTTP/XML for third parties server applications such as Webmail, SMS composer, MMS composer
  • OMA XDM (XCAP protocol) to support integration with IMS based services such as Presence, Instant Messaging and RCS
  • XMPP for presence and chat functionalities