Phonebook 2.0

Inspired by instant messaging, social networks and life streaming applications, Voxmobili combined them into an all-in-one, easy to use application, Phonebook 2.0. It secures contacts, notifies end-users when they are online, displays birthday reminders and helps centralize all communications.
Phonebook 2.0 is a white label product for mobile operators. They can customize it, brand it as they wish and create a mobile social network from their subscriber base. This application is ideally suited to teenagers who always want to be in touch with their friends and businesses to help their employees keep valuable contacts secure and up-to-date.


Contextual information

Phonebook 2.0 displays relevant contextual information to the end-user about their contacts such as location, up and coming birthdays, missed calls and status updates. The list of linked contacts can be displayed in landscape mode, thanks to the dedicated user interface.

Synchronization and backup

Phonebook 2.0 synchronizes, backs up and restores contacts allowing the end-user to retrieve contacts when the handset has been lost or stolen. Using the latest OMA DS 1.2 SyncML technology, Phonebook 2.0 is compliant with the contact services currently provided by mobile operators. When connected to Voxmobili’s Network Address Book, the synchronization of end-user profiles, location, call log and messages is also an option. The open client/server architecture enables mobile operators to add new features without having to download a new version.

Mobile social networking

This solution creates a mobile social network from the contacts. Once the contacts have been stored on the client, the server can then connect the contacts together with their profiles and status. Phonebook 2.0 automatically links up with the end-user's contacts that are also in the Social Network. Unlike a traditional phone book, the end-user can create its own profile; update its status, activity and location.

Contacts groups


Contacts are automatically grouped into the following categories; most used, least used, black listed, and then those contacts that are nearby and those that are online. There is also a useful contacts group which stores important numbers such as emergency numbers, voicemail, etc.

Event logs

Unlike the call log application, the event log module displays all incoming and outgoing photos and status updates on the Social Network whatever the channel. This includes calls, text messages, emails, status updates, photos and contact details.


Phonebook 2.0 is fully customizable and flexible to meet the specific requirements of mobile operators..Its look and feel can be quickly and easily tailored to operator's brand.

Download Phonebook 2.0

Phonebook 2.0 is now available to download on the Android Market for free!

Sample use cases

  • Enriched contact list with dynamic information
  • Enhanced activity with call logs, exchanged messages, status updates, coming birthday, etc.
  • Profile management with connection towards the social netwoks
  • Management of group of contacts
  • Automatic synchronization of contacts

Supported interfaces and devices

The Phonebook 2.0 application supports a wide range of protocols and is available on several platforms.
Supported interfaces

- OMA DS 1.2
- Facebook API
- Twitter API
- MySpace API
- Flickr API
- LinkedIn API

Supported Open OS