Voxmobili has developed an OMA DS stack which exposes all synchronization capabilities through documented APIs. This stack allows service providers to develop their own applications for mobile phones and PC with specific UIs and features.

OMA DS 1.2 compliant


The OMA DS stack is fully compliant with OMA DS 1.2. It supports all standardized synchronization types such as ‘Slow Sync’, ‘Two-ways Sync’, ‘Server Alerted Sync’. The stack allows the synchronization of several types of PIM data format: contacts, events, tasks and notes. Future releases will provide support for Photos, Videos, Music and Messages.


Advanced synchronization features

The OMA DS stack embeds advanced synchronization features such as support for Server Alerted Notification, large object handling, scheduling, filtering, etc. The stack also supports the Suspend and Resume feature and is hence able to cope with temporarily suspended connection. The stack is compliant with both vCard 2.1 and 3.0 formats, allowing for synchronization of contact picture.

Synchronization accounts management

The OMA DS stack supports the configuration of multiple synchronization accounts. The account management is completely customizable, allowing for any type of deployment, e.g.:

  • Display of an account settings page to allow end-users to configure their sync accounts (login, password, host address, databases)
  • Pre-set configuration hidden from the end-user

The account database is managed through the set of APIs provided by the Software Developer Kit (SDK).

Complete customization

The OMA DS stack is fully customizable through the SDK. For example, the Splash screen, the menus, the database list to synchronize, the account configuration or the authentication mechanism are completely configurable.


  • Service Providers can easily develop their own applications around synchronization.
  • Complete customization of the synchronization features.
  • Configurable to interwork with any server compliant with OMA DS.

Synchronization advanced features

  • Full support of OMA DS1.2 standard
  • Support for all standardized synchronization types
  • Server Alerted Notification
  • Suspend and Resume
  • Field level update