Phone Backup

Nowadays, mobile subscribers store important personal data on their handsets. If a phone is either lost or stolen this often means the loss of valuable data for the subscriber and a lot of time and frustration spent on re-entering contact data. As for the photos, there is no way to retrieve these precious memories. A lost or stolen phone also has a negative impact on the mobile operator, if the subscriber no longer has its phone, no calls will be made and no text messages sent and as such no revenue will be generated for the mobile operator. This inability to transfer valuable data on to a new phone is also seen as a big barrier to phone replacement.
Voxmobili has developed Phone Backup, a complete and comprehensive end-to-end solution to these issues. It enables the mobile operators to increase ARPU, reduce churn and promote phone replacement.


Backup all your phone content


Phone Backup provides a simple way to securely save mobile data including; contacts, events, tasks, text messages, photos, music and videos. The transfer of data to the network storage is achieved by using data connections such as GPRS, 3G or WiFi. Phone Backup not only supports handset data but also SIM contacts thanks to the partnerships Voxmobili has formed with leading SIM vendors. In addition, Phone Backup also supports roaming detection and sends notifications to the subscriber whilst they are abroad.


Backup and restore any handset

In case of loss, theft, damage, mistakes or handset upgrade, data that has been backed up can be restored onto any supported device based on the handset data capabilities. Phone Backup features a phone swap mechanism that allows end-users to retrieve their personal data using their SIM card with a friend’s handset. Phone Backup is supported by a large range of handsets such as; Nokia series 40, Sony Ericsson series W or K, Samsung and Motorola as well as Blackberry, iPhone and Android phones.


Manage data online

Phone Backup comes with a fully customizable white label web user interface. Built on the latest Web technologies (AJAX, FLEX etc), the interface allows the end-user to manage their valuable data online. Voxmobili platform integrates directly with the mobile operator portal allowing a single sign-on experience.


Easy set-up

Voxmobili provides tools and wizards to ease self-care and remote service activation: OMA Client Provisioning (CP), OMA Device Management (DM), SyncML OTA settings, WAP Push for client download and automatic application update. Phone Backup can be updated (account, client…) from OSS/BSS and Web interfaces.

Protect your phone against theft

The anti-theft feature of Phone Backup allows the end-user to lock their phone remotely. The phone is capable of locking itself when the SIM card has been removed or replaced with another SIM. When the phone has been locked and a different SIM card is inserted it will start beeping. The phone location is published on the Internet and sent to the end-users’ key contacts enabling the end-user to locate its handset. In the case of confidential and personal data being stored on the phone, the end-user can delete all its personal data from the phone remotely via the Internet or by SMS.

Sample use cases

  • Automatic backup of the phone's content to a secure online vault.
  • Easy restore after device upgrades or data loss.
  • Remote access tosaved data through any mobile phone or web browser.

Supported devices

Valued Added mobile services need to have larger set of supported devices to ensure success. Phone Backup is available for a wide range of devices:

Open OS clients
Windows Mobile