Events, News, Press releases September 1st, 2008


Launched in November 2007 by Google, the “Android Developer Challenge” unveiled the 20 winners which include Voxmobili, the French subsidiary of OnMobile.

On September the 1st, 2008 – Voxmobili has presented an innovative and revolutionary mobile solution: “Phonebook 2.0″, a new mobile address book. Voxmobili, is one of leading company specializing in synchronization and management of mobile personal data located in Paris.

Phonebook 2.0 is an innovative address book which adds to the basic such as calling and sending messages the capabilities for end user to design their visibility through social networking:

  • Displaying contextual informations:

The statuses, location, time zones, photo albums, birthdays are visible for each contact. The user can at any time have access to more information with a history of conversations and exchanges (mms, SMS, mail) made contact with each of them. Another major improvement is that Phonebook 2.0 allows viewing their contacts around them with the use of Google Maps.

  • Managing Social Network Address Book

End users can also interact directly with each other via instant messaging. Phonebook 2.0 offers the possibility to interconnect with other community sites and blogs.

  • Securing contact data

Phonebook 2.0 allows for securing end-user contacts and all data elements related to them. In case of loss or theft of the mobile, data stored on the network operator will be returned directly to the new terminal.

“The idea of PhoneBook 2.0 is already 2 years old. Nevertheless, the technology was not ready to implement it. Today the situation is different. New platforms such as Android and the iPhone open new possibilities. The market is also more mature. For instance, the RCS initiative aims to achieve a new experience around messaging and contacts. Our product PhoneBook 2.0 will be compatible with RCS and will be available on many mobile platforms” said Florent Stroppa, Director of Product Management at Voxmobili.

Phonebook 2.0 is not limited to the platform Android. It will be adapted to the J2ME, Symbian, Windows Mobile and the iPhone platforms.
As most of the products marketed by Voxmobili, Phonebook 2.0 will be sold to mobile operators in white label. These operators can offer their customers a complete product that will prove to be an argument to differentiate themselves from competitors.