News, Press releases September 19th, 2001

A provider of multi-access software solutions has been selected by France Télécom to integrate the modules of its collaborative tools package into the portal of the operator, Bizao.

France Télécom has chosen the VoxMobili collaborative software suite for the communication area of its new enterprise portal bizao

Voxmobili, multi-access solutions editor has been retained by France Télécom for the integration of the modules of its collaborative tools package in the portal of the operator, bizao. More than just a simple internet service portal for enterprises, bizao is an online business area: via which, company personnel have their own customised working environment according to their sector of activity. It comprises:

  • A news area containing all the most relevant news for each associates
  • A service area, with a range of practical services dedicated to businesses produced by reputable external partners chosen by bizao
  • A communication area bringing together the collaborative applications developed by Voxmobili.

Voxmobili offers a modular and immediately operational solution to respond to the needs of those who subscribe to the bizao portal service. This offer developed by Voxmobili comprises the following tools:

Shared calendar: Access to the calendars of associates
Tasks: Creation of a task list to be completed
Storage area: Saving of documents on a dedicated server
Address book: Availability of the details of each contact registered
Directory : Access to profiles
Corporate news: Online information publication, access to the internal press review

These value added services facilitate the access to strategic information and user movements, in a spirit of simple and intuitive consultation thanks to the specific interfaces developed by VoxMobili.

From different mobile devices: WAP phones, PDAs and laptops equipped with a communication module, to which a function is added that allows synchronisation with classic office software packages (Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.).

The benefits for the enterprises and travelling collaborators are multiple. Firstly, the applications are available wherever the user is located. Access to applications via a simple Web interface reduces the administration costs inherent in a classic client application. The company has a real time tool to amalgamate information from several sources and make it available. The virtual upload of information is immediate and optimises the time spent by on-the-ground. Each user has a personalised interface and can synchronise his data with multiple supports (Web, WAP, SMS, PDA).