News, Press releases February 19th, 2002

Voxmobili introduces Voxmessenger, a multi-access instant messaging solution that integrates into collaborative and groupware user applications

Paris, Febuary 19th
Voxmobili, a provider of collaborative and groupware applications announces the launch of Voxmessenger, an Instant Messaging solution that can be used in conjunction with all types of mobile terminals such as mobile telephones, Palms, and other pocket PCs. Based on an open architecture, Voxmessenger uses technology developed by Jabber inc. that enables it to connect to most of the classic Instant Messaging applications.

Voxmessenger integrates into Voxmobili’s software suite that includes Voxoffice, a virtual mobile office and Voxsync, a wireless synchronisation server based on the SyncML standard. Voxmobili’s software suite is thus one of the richest products in the mobile Internet market.
Targeted at operators and enterprises who wish to offer their users an Instant Messaging service, Voxmessenger is a realtime communication platform that integrates into Voxmobili’s software suite. Voxmessenger allows the user to access a collaborative and groupware environment by integrating the user’s personal address book and company directory into the Voxmessenger client.

  • Voxmessenger, multi-cast solution: users can update their status, verify the presence of an online contact via a Web, Wap, SMS or PDA interface (PDA available soon).
  • Voxmessenger, open and portable solution: based on Jabber open standards and protocols, Voxmessenger is compatible with commercial Jabber servers as well as other instant messaging solutions such as Microsoft MSN, ICQ and Yahoo!
Major features
  • Presence management: users can be informed of the online presence of any of their contacts from either their personal address books or company directories.
  • Chat features: allow one to one meetings in real time as well as conversations with several contacts at the same time.
  • Intuitive interface: that allows the users to organise contact lists and easily access their company directories or their personal address books.
  • Security access features: that prevent the reception of undesirable messages.
  • File transfer: Voxmessenger is capable of transferring text messages, images, and files from a large variety of fixed terminals or mobile terminals that are connected to a network and remotely relayed to Instant Messaging servers.

Voxmessenger is already available for the Web, Wap, SMS environments and will soon be available for PDA environments. Voxmobili allows the users to choose which system is the most appropriate to their instant communication needs.

Ā« Voxmessenger forms part of our offer targeted at operators that provides them with an innovative and integrated instant messaging solution in addition to the collaborative mobile software and wireless synchronisation solutionsĀ» outlines Eric Vieillevigne, the managing director of Voxmobili.

Voxmobili will present a preview of Voxmessenger during the GSM World Congress in Cannes from the 19 to the 22 February, Stand J27 Hall 3.