Developper Alliance


Forum Nokia

Forum Nokia is a website created by Nokia to bring together professional developers working with technologies and platforms supported by Nokia mobile devices. Forum Nokia continues to grow rapidly and the number of registered members is fast approaching half a million. The site covers the information on technologies needed to support Nokia products. These technologies include the latest wireless standards and protocols such as Bluetooth, Java, SyncML and Symbian platform, as well as the established mobile technologies WAP and Smart Messaging.
For more information about Forum Nokia, please visit
Voxmobili possesses accounts in Forum NOKIA to get information concerning devices.


Motorola MotoCoder

Voxmobili is a Premium Member of Motorola Motocoder and possesses accounts which enable it to rent mobile phones, to get document information and to negotiate developer signatures.



Orange Partner is a program which enables Voxmobili to publish solutions on catalogues (for instance VoxSync Backup).
Orange Partner is also an organization that signs applications.



Qualcomm’s BREW platform is a thin, standardized execution environment that resides in handsets.
The complete BREW solution includes the BREW Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers, the BREW applications platform and porting tools for device manufacturers, and the BREW Distribution System (BDS) that enables developers and their carrier customers to get applications to market and coordinates the billing and payment processes for them.